The full featured solution to translate any content sources.

The Beebox Server can connect to any content or document management system. From Wordpress, Drupal, Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager or properietary systems. It can receive contents through DropBox or any other file sharing system. It lets you request translations from within Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or Powerpoint.

Key features

  • Translates any CMS and content source.
  • Integrated machine translation connectors.
  • Human translation, post-editing, proof-reading and other workflows.
  • Connects to any Translation Management System (TMS) including Wordbee Translator.
  • Install yourself or hosted by us.

Contact us for pricing and demo

Compatible content sources

  • CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Sitefinity, Kentico, EpiServer, SiteCore, Adobe AEM/CQ5, SharePoint and Typo 3. Ask us for other CMS.
  • E-commerce sites: Ask us.
  • Any file sharing system: DropBox,
  • Proprietary systems including relational database contents.
  • Straightforward API to build your own connectors.

For a wide range of CMS we have developed off-the-shelf connectors. For others and systems like Sharepoint, SiteCore or AEM, we adapt or build connectors that always meet your exact localization requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Please note that one Beebox Server license permits to handle multiple content sources in parallel.

Compatible translation management systems (TMS)

  • Any TMS through XLIFF exchange.
  • Direct link to Wordbee Translator
  • Direct link to specific TMS upon request.

How it works

First install the Beebox Server on one of your servers or, alternatively, let us host your Beebox on one of our servers (see SaaS edition). The Beebox Server comes with an administrator control panel to add CMS, link to translation teams and customize workflows and translation processes individually per CMS. There is no limitation in regards to the number of CMS you can manage.

How do I translate Wordpress, Drupal and other CMS?

Simply install the respective Beebox connector to the target CMS. This can be done by non-technical people reading our installation instructions. Fill in some connection parameters so that the CMS talks to your Beebox. Configure translation workflows, add your translation team or service provider and you are done.

How do I translate Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager or other DMS?

Please contact us for your DMS installations.

How do I use the Beebox to localize software?

Simply drop source files, web pages, iOS property files, .Net resource files, code files into the Beebox. Wait a bit and get back translated files back. Decide whether to use machine translation, human translation, pseudo-translation or any combination thereof.

Which translation team or TMS?

If you are not a translation expert, we would be happy to recommend translation partners.