Add machine and human translation facilities to your own software solution.

The Beebox SDK is a Beebox Server instance including a complete developer API. The API permits to send contents, files or data for translation, obtain word counts and translation cost. The actual translation workflows can be configured to any needs and may involve machine translation, human translation, human post-editing. In combination with Wordbee Translator, all translation workflows can be fully automated or outsourced to any language service provider.

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How does your software use the Beebox SDK API?

  • Your software: Sends contents you want translated to the Beebox. Files can be of any format.
  • Beebox: Extracts texts, counts words, pre-translates texts already translated earlier and prepares translation jobs
  • Beebox: Translation jobs are sent to a TMS. Translations are retrieved back once completed and approved.
  • Your software: Download translated contents.

Your development team does not need to understand anything about translation processes. Just throw files at the Beebox and get translated files back. That is the idea! The exact translation workflow and other settings are done with in a control panel or by using the API.

If your software serves multiple customers, you may want to create one Beebox "project" per customer. Each "project" can be configured individually and is totally isolated from each other. A single Beebox SDK instance can handle a very large number of customers, depending on data volume and server specifications.

Guides and whitepapers Developer guide

File formats

  • HTML (html, php, aspx...), XML, JSON
  • CODE files (.cs, .c, etc.), PO/POT files, Java properties, iOS strings, INI files, .Net resources, XSL, CSV, Raw text
  • MICROSOFT Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio
  • ADOBE Indesign (.idml), Framemaker (.mif), InCopy
  • OPEN OFFICE formats
  • DITA
  • RTF
  • Please ask us if you do not see the the format you require. Maybe we already have it or it is under development.

It is also possible to send files to the Beebox in "pass through" mode. In that mode, files are not analysed and word counted in the Beebox but sent straight to the TMS. "Pass through" mode supports any file format including any not listed above.

API features

  • Send files for machine or human translation
  • Obtain detailed word counts and cost estimates for sent files
  • Obtain translation work progress, retrieve completed translated files or intermediary versions.
  • Built in file update handling: Send a new version of a file and Beebox reuses translations from previous version.
  • Built in translation memories to reuse past translations
  • Built in machine translation support: Google, Microsoft, Softissimo, Systran. Contact us for other systems.
  • Fully automated, semi-automated or manual workflows. The Beebox can act as a complete automated black box.
  • Human translation teams: XLIFF link to external TMS systems or built-in link to Wordbee Translator.
  • Http callbacks: For example, have your software be notified as soon as files are translated.

The API exposes many more possibilities although in most scenarios you will only need to learn 5 to 6 API methods.

Compatible translation management systems (TMS)

  • Any TMS through XLIFF exchange.
  • Direct link to Wordbee Translator (see
  • Direct link to specific TMS upon request.
What is your licensing model?

One Beebox SDK license lets you install 1 Beebox Server on 1 operating system instance and 1 Beebox Server for development purposes on 1 operating system instance. A Beebox Server instance can serve any number of your customers, separate content sources or data volume, limited only by your hardware.

How does the Beebox connect with translation teams?

The Beebox links to human translation vendors, freelancers or translator teams. These typically use a Translation Management System (TMS) and the Beebox produces XLIFF exchange files that are compatible with any TMS. Our own TMS, Wordbee Translator, can be directly linked with the Beebox and removes any manual steps (i.e. no sending XLIFF files to vendor required).

Where do I find a translation team?

We are working with translation service companies and freelance translators since many years. We help you select the best vendor for your requirements.

Can I have my people or my client proofread translations?

Yes, it is possible to add any users to the human translation workflows. You can create different workflows per each customer or content store. Please contact us for more information.