Simply makes one or more CMS multi-lingual. Get ready within minutes.

If you are looking to translate one or more CMS such as a WordPress or Drupal web site and make sure new and updated contents is taken care of as well, this likely is the best solution for you. Simply download and install a small plugin into the CMS and choose a translation team or vendor. You are set!

Key features

  • Works with WordPress, Drupal, Sitefinity, Kentico, EpiServer, SiteCore, Adobe AEM/CQ5, SharePoint and Typo 3. Ask us for other CMS.
  • Connect with any translator, translation team or TMS. We can help you choose.
  • Never sends identical text blocks or contents twice for translation.
  • Translate all or selected contents into any number of target languages.
  • We host a Beebox server for you at a monthly fee. WordPress and Drupal connectors included. Additional cost per CMS connector.
  • No installation required.

Contact us for pricing and demo

How does it compare to Beebox Server

Beebox SaaS is the best solution for smaller web sites or to get started. Choose Beebox Server if you (1) are translating high volume sites with hundreds of pages, (2) document management systems such as Sharepoint or Adobe Experience Manager or (3) you are a translation or web agency serving a large number of customers.

How it works

The first step is to install a light Beebox plugin into the target CMS. This plugin enables the content manager to select or define the contents that require translation into one or more target languages. The plugin connects with your Beebox SaaS and receives new contents, gets them translated and sends back the results. Finally, the plugin ensures that the translated contents is inserted back into the right places.

How is it different from comparable products?

Compared to other systems, Beebox SaaS does not simply forward translatable CMS contents such as entire pages to the translation team. Maybe there is just one new paragraph added and you might not want to pay again for the complete page! The Beebox uses Wordbee language technology to decompose contents into paragraphs and sentences. It selects those that had not yet been translated in this page or elsewhere. The translation team then receives an XLIFF file with the new or changed contents (including contextual information).

What does the CMS administrator have to do?

There is no regular work required. The contents of the CMS can be updated and changed as usual. In regular intervals, the CMS administrator reviews and approves the new or changed contents to send for translation. Similarly, the CMS administrator needs to approve finished translations as they arrive. The CMS administrator does not have access to your Beebox SaaS account.

I am a web agency or translation agency

If you have customers with CMSes you can now easily help your customers upgrade to a multi-lingual web presence. Your customers do not need to have any direct relationship with Wordbee. Please ask us for re-branding options. Our sales team is here to answer any of your questions!

Which translation team or TMS?

If you are not a translation expert, we are happy to recommend translation partners. Or, choose your own. Alternatively, you can link to a Translation Management System (TMS) such as Wordbee Translator.