The Beebox is a solution to easily have CMS or other content translated. It acts as a middleware between a content source and a translation team or translation management system (TMS).

Key capabilities

  • Translates WordPress, Drupal, Sitefinity, Kentico, EpiServer, SiteCore, Adobe AEM/CQ5, SharePoint and Typo 3. Ask us for other CMS.
  • Translates documents stored in Sharepoint, SiteCore, Adobe Experience Manager or other DMS.
  • Adds translation to Prestashop, LifeRay or other e-commerce and social platforms.
  • Integrates with private/public file sharing solutions such as DropBox or
  • Can translate file system directory contents (copy file to directory and get translated file).
  • Integrates with human translators through any TMS, including Wordbee Translator.

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