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Leaders in assisted translation and management
When we started Wordbee in 2008, we felt it was time for a cloud-based translation platform that would finally bring everyone together in the same work-space and represent a truly end-to-end translation platform. Today, we feel pretty good about how far we've come with Wordbee Translator. It has developed into the leading full-feature and cloud-based translation platform.

Bridging the gap to CMS localization
In 2014, we decided to invent and launch the Beebox: Translating content management systems and web sites always was known to be complex. Too complex, we felt, both for content owners as well as translation service providers due to the poor integration of content localization into existing translation platforms and workflows. The Beebox bridges this gap and smoothly embeds your CMS, DMS or other content source into your traditional translation processes.

Join the future
Today, our products are used around the globe, by corporations, LSPs and freelance translators.

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We are proud to be part of the translation industry

The Wordbee translation platform is part of the localization industry, which is probably the only industry that has 99% to do with words. It’s the only business consisting of thousands and thousands of professional polyglots, that’s for sure. There’s something about spending all that time around the written word that makes the translation industry special. Most of us, from localization managers in multinational corporations to freelance translation professionals and interpreters, love words and love to play with words. That’s the spirit of the industry! We try to maintain that spirit. This is our passion, and we’re having a good time doing it.