Add translation to your software Download pdf

A technical introduction to the Beebox and how it can be integrated into existing systems. It introduces various mechanisms that can be used by developers: web API, Powershell scripts, notifications and http callbacks.

Online documentation and resources Online Documentation

All online documentation: Key Concepts, User Guide, CMS Guide, Installation Manual, Whitepapers, Tutorials...

Installation Guide Installation guide

The installation guide explains prerequisites, installation procedure, security configuration and server sizing.

Developer guide Developer guide

This online documentation describes API, Callbacks, Powershell scripting, Microsoft.Net integration and more.

TMS Integration Guide Download pdf

This document explains how to connect a TMS or workflow system with the Beebox. The Beebox natively integrates with Wordbee Translator but can interface with any other system using hotfolders. Various options are explained.

Developing CMS Connectors Download pdf

This document describes how to develop CMS connector that helps to maintain multi-lingual websites with ease. A connector automates and assists with localizing CMS contents and interfaces with the Beebox for translation.